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Wanna help a transforming organization build towards their goal? This company has a vision: to have the best digital logistics operation in the world! And they need you to do achieve that.

Raising the bar

Technology is the future, is what this company believes. That is why they have invested all their time and money (or at least part of it) on the digitalization of their logistics operations. They set up an entire digital department, which is where you will be spending most, if not all of your time.

You will be the one responsible for expanding and maintaining the test automation framework. The digital department prides itself on being innovative and they are constantly finding new ways to be more efficient and inventive. You, as their new automation tester, will raise the bar and motivate them to reach those higher levels.

That sexy start-up feeling

Of course it’s not all tasks and duties. Culture matters, too! Luckily this company understands that. Since the digital department is not located in the same building as their headquarters, they have a very different culture. No corporate suits to be found here; the dresscode is casual-only. All the teams are on a first-name basis and every two weeks the employees go out for drinks or do some other activity to encourage team building. This department is distinctive in that it feels like a start-up, but it still benefits from being a part of an international corporation. It’s the best of both worlds!

A thirst for innovation

While your work experience and knowledge is very important, this company cares more about your qualities. Your competences are what they will be looking at to see if you are the right person for the job. If you are driven, ambitious and used to taking initiative; if you have a passion for test automation that goes beyond your work duties; if you love and keep up with the newest technologies, quenching your thirst for innovation. Then you might be the digital test engineer they are looking for!

Flexibility matters

At this department, they’re flexible in their use of toolings and programming languages and they expect you to be too. But it would be fantastic if you have the following:

  • Developing experience
  • Experience with Selenium, Cucumber, Protractor
  • Knowledge of Javascript/CSS
  • Experience with continuous delivery
  • Experience with BDD

We’d love to meet you

WannaFlex is a recruitment agency with a dedicated focus on the testing industry. We prefer to meet professionals who dare to question their horizon:

‘If you want to achieve more by growing and developing your personality and skills in order to make a genuine difference, you dare to set goals which you have never reached before.’

Are you this type of professional with personality and ambition and does this application sounds like the perfect challenge? Introduce yourself! We’d love to meet you!

Please contact Annick de Wijs on 06- 23 88 26 82 or send an email to!


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