How much money are you wasting on failed software?

Studies show that countries in the EU waste about €140 billion per year on making failed software; software that they don’t know if anybody wants and are unsure if anybody is going to use.

This workshop asks the question: How do we make software that achieves something and that has an actual impact on our customers/business rather than making software with no purpose.

Impact Mapping is a collaborative, strategic planning technique that helps organizations manage flexible roadmaps for iterative delivery, by clearly communicating assumptions, helping teams align their activities with overall business objectives and making better delivery decisions. Impact mapping can help you build products and deliver projects that make an impact, instead of just shipping software.

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Ørjan Taule

Vimond Media Solutions

I had the fortunate experience of attending Gojko Adzic’s workshop at Booster 2014 on improving user stories. I must say, that for me it was more like ‘radically rethinking the way you’re doing user stories.

Ben Hughes

Equinox, IT

Amazing, totally reshapes my mind about user stories.

Rory Macdonalds

Made Tech

Clearly loads of insight and value + well worth doing.