We are proud to announce that Alan Richardson, author of the book ‘Java for Testers’, frequent keynote speaker at grand events such as EuroSTAR and all around test automation guru, has collaborated with WannaFlex to come to the Netherlands and give you:

The Java for Testers training!

 Who better to boost your Java skills than the person who literally wrote the book?
Join him and learn Java effectively and efficiently!


Focused on results:
Automation is nothing more than bringing in another Java library which automates a specific technology. During the training you will build experience with this by using and experimenting with multiple Java libraries as you learn to code in Java.

At the end of the training you will have learned the skills to program in Java, and experimented with simple automation examples. You will have a good base of knowledge to take forward and start automating in your workplace e.g. reviewing unit tests by programmers on Java projects and contributing to unit and integration or System tests written in Java.

What am I going to do?
learn the basics of Java programming

– write all the code as JUNIT tests

–  write tests that you can use to control applications, instead of learning how to write applications

– use testing related samples as examples, e.g. generating test data, calling webservices, making HTTP requests

– write tests using multiple Java libraries

– write code that supports your testing and that doesn’t have to change every time the application under the test changes

Is the Java for Testers training suitable for me?
Testers, product owners and project managers who want to learn Java can all join the training but the training is focused on testers.

The training deals with how to support the testing process with code written in Java. The exercises are built around software testing activities e.g. creating domain models, and test data generation. The Java libraries in the training are those typically used to support testing e.g. RestAssured, Selenium WebDriver.

 The Java for Testers training is suitable for testers of all skill levels because the exercises are fitted to your level of advancement. As a beginner you will practice your coding by ‘filling in the gaps’, while a more free form coding style will be available for the more advanced tester.

Interested? Download more information and receive the program!