Software Engineer






To be discussed


One year contract with intention for a permanent contract

What about the job?

For a big international company we are looking for highly skilled Software Engineers who want to make the road safer and want to participate in the technological developments of self-driving cars!

This Automotive project is concerned with the development of a simulation platform for automated self-driving car systems. Multiple (virtual) simulations that test all relevant sensors of the automated cars. Think of automatically staying within the lines, braking and preventing accidents. Big car manufacturers such as Audi, Toyota and Volkswagen in Japan, China and the US use their Software for improvements.

As a senior C++ Software Engineer you will be involved in Objective Oriented development, designing and implementing functionalities and improving production and quality. A natural problem solver with communicative skills. Experienced with C++, Visual Studio, Python, MATLAB etc.


If this project attracts your attention, please contact Anna at or +31 6 82 48 09 95


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